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Engineering Education Scheme 2016-17

Please note that the details on this page apply for EES teams, teachers, engineers and mentors working in the North East of England, Cumbria and Yorkshire and the Humber. If you are not in these areas, please contact us and we´ll put you in touch with the right people.

This page contains all the documents you need to manage CREST Awards associated with an Engineering Education Scheme project. The team guide and teacher guide include information to support you during the project. Both of these will also be helpful to partner engineers and mentors.

At the beginning of the project:

You must register your project(s) using Corylus Learning´s systems. You can find information about how to register here.

Once you know the nature of the project, please send us a brief outline so we can make sure it meets the CREST requirements (that it will give students the chance to demonstrate each of the 15 assessment criteria)

During the project:

Just get in touch if you have any CREST-related questions by emailing or calling 01642 587200

Before the Celebration and Assessment Day:

By EDT´s submission deadline (see below) before the CAD, send us electronic copies of:

  • your project report including personal appendices for each student
  • your EES CREST checklist

These should be sent to - if your school has several teams, please contact us if you would like us to set up a way for you to transfer documents securely other than by email.

If we do not receive these documents by EDT´s submission deadline, we may not complete assessment of the project at the CAD. This will create work for team and teacher and delay the outcome.

You can find all the documents on our Freshdesk support page here

  Celebration and Assessment Day Dates

Location Submission Date CAD Date
Sheffield Hallam University tbc Tuesday 21st March 2017
Newcastle University tbc Friday 31st March 2017
Liverpool University tbc Wednesday 5th April 2017