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Welcome to Corylus Learning

We support schools and colleges through direct delivery of activities, and supporting other organisations that work with schools. In everything we do, we aim to grow young people’s aspiration to fulfil their potential, give them confidence to engage in STEM in every way, and to celebrate the achievements of all young people.

We focus our activities on promoting careers and study in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related areas, and supporting the development of entrepreneurial spirit.

We also offer consulting support to organisations that want to work with schools, assisting with all aspects of initiating, developing and managing activities.

Please enjoy looking at the activities we offer, and get in touch with us should you want any further information.

To keep in touch, follow us on Twitter @colinatcorylus

Why Is Science Important?

Now, more than ever, the world relies on people with skills in science in its broadest sense (including technology, engineering, mathematics, medicine and social sciences) to solve the crucial problems of our age. Whether it be tackling global warming, developing vaccines for deadly diseases, defending low-lying ground against rising sea levels, or developing ever smarter, smaller electronic devices, we rely on science skills to help us to solve these problems.

Still, we see difficulties in recruiting the next generation of scientists and engineers, and a low general level of scientific and technological literacy. Corylus Learning seeks to change that. Through our activities we want to foster a new enthusiasm for and engagement with science among young people. We want to see the achievements of every young person in science subjects recognised. By growing aspiration, and celebrating achievement, we can help to create a society that engages with science and its issues, with a ready supply of budding scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians to help the UK grow.